Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Outdoor digital advertising needs a different approach to ads created for other media, so you can follow our dos and don’ts to ensure you develop the best advertising for your brand.

Big Font Dos

  • Create one idea with a simple, bold statement
  • Best visuals consist of one headline, one logo and one image
  • Use simple, bold, san serif fonts, and remember it should be readable from 5 metres
  • Tell the audience what you wish them to do.
  • Keep it simple and limit elements of animation to attract attention.
  • Try to keep your message under 10 words
  • Choose a text colour that contrasts with the background your audience can be over 80 metres away
  • Increase ‘line thickness’ as thin lines will tend disappear as distance increases
  • Use dark background with sharp and contrast colours for copy
  • Use original hi resolution, quality photographs (300dpi)
  • Select photographs which have depth and focus with bright images and vivid colours for maximum contrast
  • Aim to make a small object large as opposed to a large object small
  • Carefully view your work for any errors and misspellings
  • Create content specific to the location and environment

Big Font Don’ts

  • Do not use fancy fonts
  • Do not overcomplicate the ad with too many messages
  • Do not use small text
  • Do not rely on low resolution imagery

Technical specifications

  • Format: JPEG, PNG, GIV or SVG
  • File size: 1,600 x 800 pixels
  • Actual screen size: 6 metres x 3 metres
  • Colour setting: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Total colours: 65,536/colour (281 trillion)

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